D O W N L O A D  
T H E  
A L B U M !

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Beyond Pluto is a Space Rock Band featuring T.J. Brown on vocals/turntables, Shane Kelson on guitar/loops/backup vocals, and Carlos Torres-Ortiz on drums.  The band has experienced many joys in their hometown such as co-headlining The Newport Music Hall and performing at Red, White & Boom firework show.  Cheering BP fans from the pit have been known to shout, "We love you!" after songs while others have hoisted signs and fan shirts. The band's first full length album "Adaptation" was released on February 19th 2016 at A&R Music Bar in their beloved city: Columbus Ohio.  This was one of the largest crowds Beyond Pluto has generated with support from CD102.5, The Columbus Dispatch, and Columbus Alive. The group has stayed grounded despite spacey dreams and themes.  BP has supported their local community in Columbus Ohio through benefit concerts to raise money for the disabled, veterans, and cultivation of agriculture.  Their sound and vibe is a unique and energetic intense experience best absorbed in concert.  


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